Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Comparing AM and FM Radio-Blog #4

During a break today I listened to 20 minutes each of station 660 (20/20 Sports) AM radio and Q102.1 FM radio.  To my surprise, while calculating how long all of the commercial breaks were for each station, I found that AM had 33.5% and FM had 35.6%.  I assumed FM would have had a larger percentage.  I do feel AM radio had better more informative commercials compared to the FM station.

To describe station 660 of AM radio, it was very dry and boring to me.  I didn't hear the name of the station until about 10 minutes into listening, however I guessed it was an all sports station because they were talking about baseball.  I also only heard the station name once during the entire 20 minutes.  I learned about a baseball player named Jose Batista who had 54 home runs last season and is also being called a "premier slugger."  They explained he may be becoming a "free agent" and in recent negotiations he comes across as a "jerk" because he says exactly how much money he wants regardless of budgets.  This is because he knows how valuable he is.  The man speaking about this topic seemed conflicted about how he felt.  He wasn't sure if Jose's demand was "insane or reasonable."  They also talked about how popular of a player Jose is and that statistically he is the best player.  After this story, the station started their commercials.  I heard about the Ram 1500 truck, skiing in the Pocono's, Blackforest Ham (Boar's Head), shredding documents company, Limitless (tv show on CBS), Newbiotics (free trial for gas and bloating - you might not be fat you may just be bloated), Silverstar motors, Autozone, and high speed internet.  After all of the commercial, the same gentleman started on a new topic about Greg Bird and having sympathy for his recent injury right before the 20 minutes ended.

Next I am going to discuss the 20 minutes spent listening to FM radio.  It was more entertaining than AM.  I found myself singing to most of the songs that played.  When I first turned to Q102.1 Same Old Love was playing by Selena Gomez.  After that song there was an ad (about 12 seconds) on how to win free tickets to meet Troy.  Sad to say I am unaware of who Troy is.  Another song played next called Sugar Sugar, which I am almost positive it is a remake of a song when I was younger.  I didn't like that song then and I'm not fond of it now either.  After that song, the said the name of their station and what songs were coming up next after the break.  I found these commercials less interesting.  I learned about the Blowup Blow Dry Bar for 30% off a blowout and a free massage, getting your taxes done with Jackson Hewitt, and annoying teenage girl talking and ended with her dad buying her a Chevy Malibu (very strange), Xfinity X1 challenge, Entenmann's snack bites, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, Ellen (tv show-one of the best in my opinion), switching to FIOS if you have slow internet and the piercing pagoda fine jewelry.  They also briefly mentioned the weather in Philly.

After those commercials they talked about the Elvis Duran in the morning show, which I listen to you on occasion as it can be quiet entertaining.  They started playing music again playing the songs Stressed Out, Down and Hideaway before the 20 minutes concluded.  I also counted how many times they said Q102 and it was between 10-12 times during the entire listening period.

I learned more from the AM radio station in regards to a person who I may never have heard about before.  I hope he does do well in the MLB and gets a contract seeming as though he is a talented baseball player.  I didn't learn anything from FM radio other than where I can get a blowout and a massage.

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